• Only 4,000 EU permits for 40,000 UK trucks (11/09/18)
    TheMover posted the following this week: “Only 4,000 EU permits for 40,000 UK trucks if no-deal Brexit; The UK government has issued guidance on how to apply for an ECMT (European Conference of Ministers of Transport) international road haulage permit system which truck operators will require to operate their vehicles in Europe in the event of a no-deal Brexit. With around 40,000 UK vehicles regularly crossing the Channel and only 4,000 annual and monthly permits available, demand is going to be high. Annual permits will only be allocated to Euro VI vehicles, with some monthly permits available for Euro V.” (For more see, http://www.themover.co.uk/international-news)
  • US Road Infrastructure Aging and Strained with Ever Worsening Traffic (10/31/18)
    The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) stated that, “Traffic added an estimated $74.5 billion in operational costs across the trucking industry in 2016” as reported by Fleet Owner this week. Rebecca Brewster, president of the ATRI said that, “Conditions are getting worse at the worst bottlenecks,” and indicating that the problem is compounded by aging infrastructure and the greatly increasing e-commerce sales (about a 2,100% increase since 2000). Brewster also suggests that the congestion reaches beyond the highways to also include issues of parking, ports and other infrastructure. ATA’s chief economist, Bob Costello offers that a major area contributing additional bottleneck problems is at the relatively small number of border entry points where 12 million trucks crossed in 2017. (For more details search “traffic getting worse” at https://www.fleetowner.com)
  • Rhine River at Record Low Levels (10/23/18)
    Drought in Germany for many months has brought the Rhine river to crisis conditions not seen since 1881. Last week the water level in Cologne dropped to 77 centimeters, breaking the city record of 81 cm back in 2003. The News.com.au reports that, “The docks are eerily quiet at Cologne’s main port on the mighty River Rhine, with hundreds of containers piled up and awaiting their journey north on one of Europe’s busiest commercial arteries.” Water levels along the whole river are also extremely low, with levels below normal and worsening since July. The problem is not exclusive to the Rhine with similar crisis low levels on the Elbe near Hamburg. (For more search “Rhine record low” at https://www.news.com.au/)

Parsifal Enhances PAS™ Audit System Technology

Parsifal Corporation continues to enhance their technology edge in the industry. Parsifal has developed and released an upgraded version of its Audit Technology, PAS™ V. 7.0 which provides the entry/upload of Line Item Details into the Parsifal Audit System (PAS™). This upgrade option allows clients to data mine at a new level and transparency with seeing supplier and geographic trending of various accessorial charges (i.e., who charges shuttles more often, etc.).

Parsifal at 2018 Worldwide ERC® Symposium Link
Thursday, October 11, 2018
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Thursday, September 6, 2018
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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Standards, Guidelines and More

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