• The Aging Traditional US Truck Driver Population (09/20/17)
    Trucking executives at the McLeod Software 2017 User Conference were considering the need to adjust the demographics of the current traditional and aging driver pool, reported FleetOwner today. Discussions included a shift to younger and less experienced drivers for the future, including more women and ethnic minorities. Current trends versus driver availability may present a shortage of 239,000 drivers by 2022, suggests Randy Seals at McLeod. According to the ATA, 38.75% of the current 3.5 million US truck drivers are minorities and 6% are women, with the average age about 49 (compared to the average age of all US workers at 42). (For more-search, “aging trucker demographics” at: http://fleetowner.com/news-0)
  • Florida Ports Making Efforts to Reopen (09/12/17)
    As the truck and gate operations remain closed at Port of Miami (POMTOC) and South Florida container terminals (SFCT), the port authority states that after approval by the US Coast Guard, the Seaboard Marine container terminal will open today (Tuesday, 9/12), reports the World Maritime News. Marine traffic is expected to remain closed until 4 PM or later pending navigational channel inspections by NOAA. Ports remain closed at Everglades, Miami, Palm Beach, Panama City, Jacksonville, Canaveral, Tampa, Port Manatee and all Key West ports. (For more: search Florida ports at: https://worldmaritimenews.com/)
  • Probable 7% Sideline of US Trucking Due to Harvey (08/31/17)
    Fleet Owner reported this week (research firm FTR) that, 7% of the US trucking industry may be “sidelined” by Hurricane Harvey. It is noted that while the trucking operations in the (Texas and South Central) region will certainly experience the greatest hit, Harvey will additionally impact the US national capacity as a whole. As the brunt of this affect is expected over the next two weeks, the worst can be nearly 10% in this first week, estimating down to 2% national disruption (25% regionally) after one month. Already in double digit numbers, spot pricing is expected to jump over the coming weeks, especially in the highly impacted region. (For more, see ‘7% Sideline’ at: http://fleetowner.com/)

Parsifal Enhances PAS™ Audit System Technology

Parsifal Corporation continues to enhance their technology edge in the industry. Parsifal has developed and released an upgraded version of its Audit Technology, PAS™ V. 7.0 which provides the entry/upload of Line Item Details into the Parsifal Audit System (PAS™). This upgrade option allows clients to data mine at a new level and transparency with seeing supplier and geographic trending of various accessorial charges (i.e., who charges shuttles more often, etc.).

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