• Press Release: Parsifal at 2018 Worldwide ERC® Global Workforce Symposium (10/11/18)
    Palm Bay, FL, -Parsifal Corporation, the leading industry Household Goods procurement and audit firm, will be exhibiting (booth #541) at the Worldwide ERC - Global Workforce Symposium 2018, next week October 17 – 19 in Seattle, at the Washington State Convention Center. Worldwide ERC expects a large response from the international mobility community of more than 1,800 participants including “industry builders and next generation thought leaders.” Parsifal will focus on its HST™ Home Sale Transaction Audit service, and the MMI™ or MoveMetric International procurement technology. “Our HST program confirms and justifies charges are traceable, contractual and reasonable,” explains Mark Olsen,Parsifal President and CEO. (See full press release across News page, at "Parsifal in the News"section)
  • Port of San Diego Hit by Ransomware Attack (09/28/18)
    Earlier this week, IT systems for the Port of San Diego (fourth largest of 11 California ports) was attacked by a crypto-locking ransomware. Data Breach Today reports that while the port IT systems have been impacted, the port remained open and most of the business operations at the port continued. While information experts are in process of responding to the attack, the Port of San Diego CEO Randa Coniglio stated that, "The port remains open, public safety operations are ongoing, and ships and boats continue to access the bay without impacts from the cybersecurity incident." In addition, the port is working and coordinating efforts with the U.S. Coast Guard, FBI and Homeland Security. (For more info, search “Port of San Diego” at: https://www.databreachtoday.com)
  • Major Congestion at Two UK Container Ports (09/27/18)
    Serious congestion that began at Felixstowe in the UK has also spread to Southhampton, which has been partially caused by the port accepting more business diverted from the Suffolk port. The Loadstar reports today that it will be extremely unlikely that UK exporters will get containers shipped to Asia in the month of November. There is also suggestion that other ships coming to those ports will “cut and run” without loading due to the critical problem. (For more search “congestion Felixstowe” at: https://theloadstar.co.uk)

Parsifal Enhances PAS™ Audit System Technology

Parsifal Corporation continues to enhance their technology edge in the industry. Parsifal has developed and released an upgraded version of its Audit Technology, PAS™ V. 7.0 which provides the entry/upload of Line Item Details into the Parsifal Audit System (PAS™). This upgrade option allows clients to data mine at a new level and transparency with seeing supplier and geographic trending of various accessorial charges (i.e., who charges shuttles more often, etc.).

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Thursday, October 11, 2018
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Thursday, September 6, 2018
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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Standards, Guidelines and More

Stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards and guidelines. Please feel free to download the PDF's below: