• 11,000 TEU CAPE SOUNIO Deployed by ZIM (06/27/17)
    Now the largest vessel in its line, ZIM announced this week that it deployed CAPE SOUNIO on its Asia-South America East Coast service, “in order to respond to the growing market needs”. Embarking on its maiden voyage from Pusan, S. Korea on May 4th, the vessel was built in the Philippines (HHI shipyard) and delivered to ZIM in April 2017. CAPE SOUNIO is 330 meters long, 48 meters wide, and a nominal containers capacity of 11,037 TEUs. The growing need refers to increased trade between S. Korea, China and SE Asia, via Singapore and the hub in Port Kelang, to major SAEC ports. (More at: http://www.zim.com/newsandpress/)
  • Supreme Court Refuses ELD Appeal (06/22/17)
    Earlier this month on June 12th, the Supreme Court refused an appeal hearing against the electronic logging mandate (ELD). The appeal was proposed by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA). The ELD rule has a compliance date of December 18 of this year, which now comes after years of legal battles and contention over driver privacy issues. There are projections that this event can cause trucking rates to increase by as much as 20%. (See more by searching supreme court-ELD at: www.supplychaindive.com/news)
  • Proposal for Modified Tolls Structure at Panama Canal (06/13/17)
    The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) published a proposal on June 2nd for modifications to its current tolls structure. The publication begins a 30-day formal consultation period which allows for feedback from the industry. Administrator Jorge L. Quijano and executives met with customers in recent months. Mr. Quijano explained that, “These meetings with customers in Asia, Europe and North America have been extremely valuable in providing us with a deeper understanding of the industry today, the challenges faced by individual market segments, and the projected demand for the Neopanamax locks.” (See ACP official Press Release at:  www.pancanal.com; full proposal at: www.pancanal.com/peajes)

Parsifal Enhances PAS™ Audit System Technology

Parsifal Corporation continues to enhance their technology edge in the industry. Parsifal has developed and released an upgraded version of its Audit Technology, PAS™ V. 7.0 which provides the entry/upload of Line Item Details into the Parsifal Audit System (PAS™). This upgrade option allows clients to data mine at a new level and transparency with seeing supplier and geographic trending of various accessorial charges (i.e., who charges shuttles more often, etc.).

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Standards, Guidelines and More

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