• Global Container Terminal Industry Predicted as Profitable for 2019; Other Key Issues and Trends (01/10/19)
    Although many challenges are expected, projections are optimistic for a “very solid, profitable business” regarding the 2019 global container terminal industry, says Drewry in their Market Opinion. Demand growth rate is predicted to be soft and down a bit at 4%, but still “adding 30 million teu to the world total.” Other expectations are caution in capacity by investors (potentially including China due to possibly slowing economy), a halt in increasing maximum container ship size, and continued robust exploration of IT and technology (i.e., blockchain, smart ports, etc.) Other related issues include expanding supply chain and a profitable 2019 throughput of over 800 million teu. (See more at Latest Opinion: https://www.drewry.co.uk/container-shipping)
  • Higher Rates Expected for 2019 Ocean Shipping (01/07/19)
    VP of Global Ocean Product, Sri Laxmana explained in recent news by Lloyd’s Loading List, that as we have fewer carriers these days, there is a tendency for them to control demand and pull back on capacity resulting in a tighter supply. He states that, “This results in rates that continue to remain high, on average. In 2019, overall capacity is projected to increase by less than 3%, but global trade is predicted to grow around 6%. So this tells us with some certainty that carriers intend to keep supply tight against demand.” Laxmana continues with, “As we get into the contracting period, expect to see higher rates than we saw in 2018.” (For more search ‘Ocean Shipping 2019’ at: https://www.lloydsloadinglist.com/)
  • Trucking trends in the US – 2018 (12/13/18)
    The American Trucking Association (ATA) released this week its current annual report, “ATA American Trucking Trends 2018”, revealing industry findings including that trucking industry revenues reached over $700 billion. Other findings showed that, “Trucks moved 10.77 billion tons of freight; The industry moved 69.1% of all trade between the U.S. and Mexico, and 57.7% of Canada-U.S. trade; (and) Roughly 7.7 million people were employed in jobs related to trucking activity, including 3.5 million drivers;” (For more, search “$700 Billion” at:https://www.trucking.org)

Parsifal Enhances PAS™ Audit System Technology

Parsifal Corporation continues to enhance their technology edge in the industry. Parsifal has developed and released an upgraded version of its Audit Technology, PAS™ V. 7.0 which provides the entry/upload of Line Item Details into the Parsifal Audit System (PAS™). This upgrade option allows clients to data mine at a new level and transparency with seeing supplier and geographic trending of various accessorial charges (i.e., who charges shuttles more often, etc.).

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Thursday, October 11, 2018
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Thursday, September 6, 2018
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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Standards, Guidelines and More

Stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards and guidelines. Please feel free to download the PDF's below: