When developing products and services, we pride ourselves on our standards for quality auditing, billing and our relocation software technology. Adhering to these quality standards, ensures that our product and service development is meeting specified requirements. Both Parsifal Corporation and our technology partner, Peredur Systems have dedicated departments solely focused on quality assurance.

It is our corporate belief and responsibility at Parsifal to treat our customers, partners and each other with honesty and respect, while we achieve a creative working environment providing exceptional quality with a great sense of integrity.

Our Integrity is displayed as we remain undivided in our strong adherence to our ethical values and expert precision, while bringing stability and prudence to our relocation business community.

At Parsifal Corporation we are dedicated to our passion and craft, focused on ensuring outstanding accuracy and sound fairness through quality-driven and innovative technology to all our clients, partners and stakeholders in the global relocation experience.

"...and thanks for making this part of my job painless."
~GF Relocation Counselor, Relocation Company

"Parsifal...consistently had the highest overall customer satisfaction rating of any company."
~RB, Contracting Officer, FSMP Project

"Thank you all for your patience and help. Your commitment and partnership in helping getting these resolved is amazing!"
~DB, Relocation Counselor, Relocation Company

"Throughout the years of my employment..., I have seldom come across a company that provides so much service with so little cost."
~JB, Relocation Manager, Fortune 500 Company

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