We are working smart. Our AccuScanTM system allows us to review each invoice more intelligently by pulling contract, policy and industry data into our system and flagging the auditor to apparent unusual charges.

The process continues through our VeriWeightTM analysis to audit the weight of each shipment, ensuring that the billed weight is supported by the inventory, weight tickets and other information.

A truck shipment is typically weighed both before and after delivery, to establish a net weight of the shipment. Although this sounds simple, in reality many situations can occur, causing a weight inaccuracy. Here are a few weighing scenarios:

  • Ticket dates do not match shipment dates
  • Tractor-trailer numbers on weight tickets do not correlate
  • Other shipment weights are mistakenly included

Our goal is to enhance respectable relationships and credibility between Move Managers, Corporate Clients and Service Providers

Our Parsifal Audit System, PASTM is a proprietary, highly intelligent, cutting-edge software developed for real-time web access.

  • Multi-level Transparency – For client and mover
  • Line Item Auditing – Validating all services were authorized, performed and charged accurately
  • Comprehensive Reporting – Flexible reporting available 24/7 at the client’s request
  • Policy Exception and Performance Survey Modules – Additional tracking services to assist with policy decisions and high quality service

Many times, Parsifal can see error trends developing with certain movers or agents. Our AudCatTM Process is a unique categorization method that allows us to productively correct the issue with the mover, while providing pertinent information to the client in five areas:

  • Authorization
  • Contract/Tariff
  • Weight
  • Billing
  • Services charged