At last: Advanced relocation procurement technology powered by informed decision-making is now available online with MoveMetric® Domestic MMD™, and MoveMetric® International MMI™.

Global Network of Service Providers

Service Provider Management tools for customized services, coverage and pricing

Competitive Pricing & Transit Times

Domestic & International transportation, storage and third party service rates and rules

InstaQuote™ for Quick & Real-time Pricing

ReloBID™ - Automated bidding process with access to instant quote system and easy rate solicitation process

ReloBOOK™ & ReloBILL™

For easy and automated booking and billing process of carrier services (MMD only)

Single Factor Rates & Global Database

Pricing and SFR based quotes for easy billing, simplified audit, and accurate cost estimates

ProScore™ Automated Performance Evaluation

Offering real-time provider quality ratings

Full Service Audit via PAS™ Technology

Ensure accuracy, fairness and billing integrity


Summaries and analysis for rates, services, channel coverage, quotes and bids

Revolutionary MoveMetric® technology collects, stores, and analyzes mover’s pricing information and bids, transit times and service quality through an easy to use, interactive and 24/7 web-based system.

Are you always certain about the quality and service standards of your carriers? MoveMetric® offers a customized network of service providers with objective, real-time service ratings.

Do you have the confidence of fair and competitive pricing? Display your movers’ bids side-by-side, comparing price and performance.

Are you concerned about the accuracy of the billing process? Feel assured with iron-clad confidence and protection with professional PAS™ Technology auditing.

Network of Service Providers

Movers must meet minimum corporate service level standards and are fully informed on company policy requirements

Competitive Pricing & Transit Times

More budget dollars for other services in your relocation benefits package

InstaQuote™ for Quick & Real-Time Pricing/Data

Quick turn-time for short notice moves

ProScore™ Quality and Service Standards

Service quality ratings with composite of industry standards of service and performance