• Ultra-Large Container Ships at New York-New Jersey (05/17/19)
    The YM World (owned by Taiwan’s Yang Ming) made its first port call on the US east coast to the Global Container Terminal in Bayonne, NJ. It is an ultra-large container ship with a capacity of 14,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU). Vessels of this size have been visiting New York-New Jersey since the raising of the Bayonne Bridge in 2017. But now this port “can currently handle up to nine vessels of similar size at one time”, said Nicholas Raspanti, a manager of cargo marketing for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. (See more at Freightwaves; search ‘Big Ship’ at: https://www.freightwaves.com/)
  • Europe Also Faces Truck Driver Shortage (04/29/19)
    European shippers now also join the US in sharing the major problem of the truck driver shortage, reports Lloyd’s Loading List.  Ivan Tintore, CEO and co-founder of digital forwarder, iContainers states, “The trucks and driver scarcity extends globally”, causing many of the same problems experienced in the US such as transportation congestion and delays. He continues to explain that “European shippers also face trucking challenges due to the shortage of drivers, rising wages and fuel costs, and insufficient capacity.” It was reported last year that the shortage of drivers was 150,000 with 85% involving the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. (See more at: https://www.lloydsloadinglist.com/freight-directory/news/)
  • BGRS Announces Acquisition by Relo Group, Inc. (04/25/19)
    BGRS announced today that they will be acquired by an affiliate of Relo Group (based in Tokyo, Japan) in conjunction with a “definitive agreement”. BGRS is a global talent mobility management firm that partners with “clients in the corporate and government sectors to craft and implement talent mobility strategies”. Relo Group, offering over 30 years of experience supporting Japanese companies in relocation services, “provides comprehensive fringe benefit programs”. Yasuji Shimizu, Director, Global Business Development (Relo Group) stated, “BGRS represents a significant expansion of Relo Group’s global mobility management capabilities”. He continued, “This complementary transaction to combine our capabilities increases our collective global footprint”. (See more at Latest News: https://www.bgrs.com/)

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