• US Failing Infrastructure as ATA Urges Congress on Highway Funding (02/20/19)
    ATA President and CEO, Chris Spear stated recently before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee that, “We are no longer facing a future highway maintenance crisis – we’re living it – and everyday we fail to invest, we’re putting more lives at risk.” Mr. Spear also referenced serious events such as, “chunks of falling concrete struck cars traveling under bridges in California and Massachusetts,” while stressing to the committee the current critical need for real solutions and more revenue. Other statistics provided include: $74.5 billion in trucking cost annually due to congestion; the equivalent of 1.2 billion lost hours or 425,000 truck drivers sitting idle for an entire year. (For more see “ATA President Urges Congress” at: https://www.trucking.org)
  • UK Jobs Placement Fall with Brexit Jitters (02/08/19)
    David Sapsted reported from Relocate Global today that “record employment rates and continuing skills shortages saw permanent jobs placement fall in January for the first time in two-and-a-half years” or since the middle of 2016. The KPMG/ Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) report is sited as explaining that workers are staying put in their jobs because of nervousness due to the Brexit issue, and as a result also causing higher starting pay as well. The top three sectors with the largest demand for permanent staff were (in descending order) the accounting/financial sector, engineering and IT/computing. (For more search ‘Brexit Jitters’ at: https://www.relocatemagazine.com/)
  • Financial Liability with Global Mobility Corruption (01/22/19)
    This month FIDI sites references from Transparency International explaining that, “Corruption and bribery is clearly a widespread issue, and it may affect global mobility departments more than you think.” As Transparency’s “Corruptions Perception Index 2018” provides a list of countries by order of corruptibility, research indicates perception of public sector corruption across dozens of countries to range widely from 6 to 76%. Additionally, their “Global Corruption Barometer” shows “only 8 of the 76 evaluated governments were doing well” in this regard. Among several recommendations, global mobility departments should endeavor to “Encourage understanding of bribery & corruption guidelines amongst expats before they leave (and) Conduct anti-corruption audits”. (For more search “corruption” at: https://www.fidi.org/blog)

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