• AMSA Reports 5.4% Decline in 2017 Shipments (04/20/18)
    According to first 2018 quarterly issue of Industry Trends, published by the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA), 2017 shipment totals are down by 5.4%, similar to the 2016, 5.2% decline, and continuing an ongoing year-over-year down trend since 2013. While the Corporate Account sector was close to the average at -5.6% (vs. -6.7% in 2016), the GSA sector was dramatically down at -24.4% (level in 2016). The report also presents a “Top housing markets” chart which displays the top ten markets with San Jose, Ca at the top of the list, at $110,040 Median Household Income, $1,128,300 Median Home Value, and 8.9% Growth Forecast. Other chart data includes Top Shipment Channels for 2017, Shipment Bookings, and Average Miles over the past ten years. (See full AMSA "Industry Trends" report at: www.nxtbook.com/ygsreprints/AMMOV/it_issue4_2017/index.php#/1)
  • Panama Canal Exceeds Expected Neopanamax Volume at 3000 (04/11/18)
    The Panama Canal announced that it surpassed its projected traffic volume early last month as the Neopanamax containership MSC Caterina (Panamanian flagged) completed a northbound transit. This was the canal’s 3000th transit by a Neopanamax vessel. The “milestone, achieved in less than two years of operation, serves as a proud reminder of the confidence that our customers and the broader maritime industry have placed in our route,” said Jorge Luis Quijano, Canal Administrator. 53% of the 3000 transits involved vessels from the container segment. (For more, see press releases at https://www.pancanal.com/)
  • Why Continued Decline in Container Freight Rates? (03/29/18)
    American Shipper reported yesterday that as opinions vary about the reasons for the decline in container freight rates in both the spot and contract market, it is probably due to two primary reasons. These would be overcapacity that has been common over the past few years, as well as, the normal seasonal rise and fall in demand over the same period. However, a concern is pointed out that, “the container shipping market is behaving normally compared with the last few years, but the last few years have been plagued by overcapacity, so ‘normal’ isn’t necessarily a good thing when it comes to rates.” (See more at: "Container Rate Decline", http://www.americanshipper.com)

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